In The Search Of That Lost Time

vikas chandra

The echoes of her lullabies
The relics of his funeral’s dust
Needlessly scrape, my splintered eyes
Delusions of, life’s sin august!

Where stood, one day, my insolence
Lay strewn, traces, of mortal myths
A pilgrim’s trysts, with senescence
Are all but lost, in time’s monoliths!

But history, is a, brazen lie
Which sells to man, prejudiced past
Time learns, to believe, in its alibi
Truth learns, to live, a faith typecast!

Two fists, that’s all, I have, to hold
Whilst slips away, destiny’s paradigm
I found myself, lo and behold!
In The Search Of Lost Time!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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