The Strays You Love

vikas chandra

Allahu Akbar…, scares…to death…”
Esther-8 learnt, true faith, of fear
The scourge, of this, Arab shibboleth
Is the, ‘Modern Macbeth’, of Shakespeare!

Who flocked, from Mecca, to the west
When Muslim Brotherhood, paid no heed
To rage, in Europe, the same conquest
A Messiah, bestowed to, Jihadi creed!!!

Rootless enigmas, of existence
Lost amid, worlds, ages apart
Their penance, means, vain vengeance
Who learnt, the faith, of hate, by heart!

Your ‘Patch of Peace’, is not for them
Who inflict fear, with faith’s, velvet glove
May your, ethos endure, this embraced mayhem
‘Payback’ from them, The Strays You Love!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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