Einstein’s Godly Conjecture

Can Faith, lose out, to evolution
Of mankind’s quest, for that ‘Final Fact’
When God, ain’t spared, a ‘new crucifixion’
By a, ‘rational’ thought, more than ‘abstract’!

Ptolemy had, to die, for Einstein’s birth
To tear apart, God-Faith’s, continuum
Faith’s cherished fear, God’s ‘intellectual worth’
Prove out, to be, our follies’ sum!

Some myths, we made, refuse to die
For our, fear nurtures, their existence
Why despise, ‘blasphemers’, who defy
The pity, of our, commonsense!

Our ‘Enduring Truths’ are ‘Naked Lies’
With the clay, of faith, we manufacture
Prejudice survives, in ‘Divine Disguise’
Despite…, Einstein’s, Godly Conjecture!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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