ALZHEIMER’S – In The Islands Of Estrangement!

Ignorance is, no bliss, for those
Whose life, is lost o’er, scattered isles
Of yesterdays, todays and tomorrows
Man is, the truth, he reconciles!

Where sprawled, my realm, of completeness
Now lay, shards of, broken existence
In my boat, of thoughts, I seek address
Of the man, whose being, lost evidence!

I sail thru, curtains and, mirrors
Of fog, to endless, distances
To find, it’s ‘truth’, not myth, that blurs
Endurance of, our remembrances!

I return, to that child, who I was once
To learn, how man, instincts invent
I’m a pilgrim, of life’s, lost notions
In The Islands Of Estrangement!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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