‘Socialist’ Hunger, ‘Populist’ Food

While Venezuelans, glean from, dumping yards
Nirvana strewn, in shreds, galore
Maduro avows, his House of Cards
Is paradigm, of Socialist, metaphor!

Beyond oil wealth, and its economics
Is a, state’s dilemma, of existence
Whilst its, vain statesman, his histrionics
Stinks of, a sadist’s, impotence!

Call it suicide, or a euthanasia
Both are, so true, for this enigma
“In shambles…” is still, a misnomer
For “Eternal funeral, of a vain martyr”!

While an ethos, learns to, live on relics
Maduro devours, his steak, barbecued
A Utopia dies, in the, throes of politics
With its ‘Socialist’ Hunger, ‘Populist’ Food!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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