Moshe – The Orphan Of Islam

Allahu Akbar’…! Is what, they screamed
To quell, their fear, in a, faith’s blood-fest
‘If God is still Great’, as that day, it seemed
Let’s brace, for another, jihad’s conquest!

Nariman House, did have, to bear
The blitzkrieg of, Islam’s ‘martyrs’
A Jew of two, had to, suckle on fear
For Imma, couldn’t feed, with cold breasts, of hers!

Can ‘Faith of Peace’, its jihad’s travesty
Resolve the horror, of a child
“Why lives, to death, ‘Divine Vanity!”-
This Islam’s enigma, never reconciled!

A decade, he spent, not to forget, but learn
Two-facedness, of the, same Salaam
How’s faith, and its fear, so hard, to discern
For Moshe – The Orphan Of Islam!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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