In A Divided State

It’s not, a furlong, nor a mile
But an ethos, torn by politics
Whilst a, past fails, to ever reconcile
A present, gets sold, o’er polemics!

Across fault-lines, of two, severed lands
By Mediterranean, and along, Dead Sea
A legacy, clasps on…, to the, broken strands
Of Gaza, and West Bank’s, misery!

Palestine, is an, ethnic enigma
In the, throes of, Israel’s hegemony
In streets, bleed out, crusades of chutzpa
For a unity, under lock, and key!

Here history, is not, what it seems
And present, not, what they create
Who bathe, in blood, for a fist, of dreams
And live a lie, In A Divided State!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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