The Enigma Of Islam

A faith, which lost, its last crusade
Stands all, alone in, estrangement
Like the tomb, of a, martyred renegade
Flaunting new, wounds of, old sacrament!

The creed, that vanquished, en masse
The myriad, souls of, sovereign lands
Paranoia, whose passion’s, forte
Made the world, find God, in Mecca’s sands!

Since their history, lost its, thousand years
Their lives, endure, its schizophrenia
A faith once, sum of, all their fears
Now carouses, an ethos’, coup d’état’!

Still rages on, that, faith’s outrage
With vile avatars, of this paradox
How many jihads, sum up, its age
A sin, starkly, so orthodox!

At the, crossroads, of its existence
This pilgrim’s pain, is its, only psalm
No more profound, a fear’s penance
No less benign, Enigma Of Islam!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra


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