The Kites Called ‘Dreams’

Why tether heart, to a, stray urchin
To tug you, to an, unknown realm
The true, mystique of, a sublime sin
Is to stir, the soul, not to overwhelm!

When our, thoughts become, our dimensions
To cage us, in our, mind’s frontiers
Then the, only means, to redemptions
Is that flight, beyond truth, of our fears!

“Why buy despair, at the, cost of bliss
For a, fleeting rainbow, sketched in air?”
“There is, more allure, in the sky’s abyss
Which heaves, a heart, to the heaven’s lair!”

Impressions, lost in, shards of time
Are callings, of heart; faith blasphemes
How a, myth transcends, truth’s paradigm
Behold the surge, of The Kites Called ‘Dreams’!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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