Prophet’s Last Laugh

Truth needs, to be, a blasphemy
For lies, to be, opium of soul
Does faith, need be, fear’s rhapsody
Which we, exalt, to a, hyperbole!

“Don’t touch, our Prophet”, I agree!
“Nor the faith, we follow, to his word”
Won’t believers, withstand scrutiny
When a faith’s, and fear’s, limits look blurred!

What a faith, makes man, an enigma!
When he, makes his faith, his destiny
What lies, beyond, blind faith’s fatwa!
Are the, starkest truths, we dare not see!

Are ‘sins’, those ‘faiths’, without ‘prophets’!
Who shout, from tombs, this epitaph
“Is faith as good, as the fear, it begets…
…Man, martyr to, Prophet’s Last Laugh!”

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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