In Crusade Of Faith And Existence

vikas chandra

A Vatican, propagandized, evangelist
Found a ‘bounty’, in a, creedless clan
With the, Christ’s Grand Plan – ‘Ethnic Heist’
Set off, on crusade, Pope’s henchman!

“‘Aah! Veni, vidi, vici! 150 souls, lusting for pity”
Dark enigmas, of, mankind’s disgrace
Shall now, learn to evolve, with Christianity
Faith gives, man’s fear, a Godly face!”

With no need, for creed, in many thousand years
Who’ve lived, and died, in nature’s care
Do they need, a boon, of man-made fears
Does God persist, beyond a, pious prayer!

In this tryst, of doctrines, and instincts
‘Insolence’, lost to, ‘native prudence’
Vain martyr, learnt his, passion’s precincts
In Crusade, Of Faith, And Existence!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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