Ignorance + Insolence + Quran = Taliban

How Afghans, live their, ethnic rot
And love, to death, by-hearted hate
“What fear achieves, that faith cannot”
Islamists teach, in a, war-torn state!

Had it, not been, for Darul Uloom
Pashtuns, would still, be ‘barbarians’
Now ‘harbingers’, of a, ‘prophesied’ doom
They write, in blood, their faith’s ‘paeans’!

How a, land becomes, faith’s aftermath
Ask unkempt, ‘martyrs, of Mohammed’
Who know jihad, is jannat’s path
72 virgins worth, more than bread!

Afghanistan is, its creed’s, conundrum
Faith’s failing pawn, in Allah’s, game plan
An ethos, lost out, to zealotry’s sum –
Ignorance + Insolence + Quran = Taliban!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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