As Hamas Heralds New Intifada …!

“Come one and all, join this blood-feast
As Hamas, hails, new martyrs today
If not, hundred, then, at the least
Each kill, one Jew, on a Shabbat day!”

Blood-rhetorics sell, oh! So well!
When faith, dictates, its synopsis
A propagandized, militant cartel
Goes on, a rampage, of malice!

Does blood, taste sweeter, of a Jew
For Palestine spilled, gallons of, it too
Is blood-barter, its new virtue
‘The Land Of Peace’, lost in, déjà vu!

The mourning soul, of a, maimed motherland
Gapes at, in fear, her sons’ chutzpa
Two, brothers drown, in hate’s quicksand
As Hamas Heralds, New Intifada …!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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