Long Live, Long Live, Saudi Debauchery …!

Perfidy is prudence, when truths torment
Who knows it, better than, ‘Alchemist Statesmen’
Manufacturing, martyrs, of dissent
From Saudi, to Tiananmen!

There is no God, in this land, of faith
A kingdom reigned, by Satan’s son
Where justice, is a, soulless wraith
And fear is, freedom’s, fatal lesson!

Don’t you know, blood-deal, amongst the three!
MBS, POTUS, and Erdogan
Oil, money, and hegemony
How a Butcher appeased, a Businessman, a Brinksman!

Went ‘down the drain’, one more nemesis
Of a state, by, for, of, a dynasty
Whose propaganda, is this, land’s justice
Long Live, Long Live, Saudi Debauchery…!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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