Whispers Of The Wind

May your, musk dissolve, in cologne, of me
As we, measure moments, in lingering sighs
So be it, sin, love’s rhapsody
Feel what , zephyr bares, and mystifies!

Our placid riot, in the heart, of woods
Spurs an outrage, in the, nature’s laws
No less sublime, love-struck, manhoods
Who’ve made, a faith, of a long lost cause!

Who carries whiff, of this, hush-hush tryst
To the, whimpering wolves, thru the wilderness
The love’s conquest, in this hearts’ heist
Is hallowed, by our, sin’s caress!

“Of passion’s outrage, may this fest, never die
For that love, ain’t love, which has not sinned
Why the thorn, spare heart, of lovelorn magpie”
Who sings with a sigh, Whispers Of The Wind!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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