That Intrigue You Are !!!

‘Satire’, ain’t a misnomer, nor ‘enigma’
How poised, are you, between the two
In throes, of bliss, pain’s joie de vivre
A psalm, of shame, with sin’s virtue!

A faith, that flirts, with the fear, of man
A destiny, time had, prophesied
Since that, sin ended, new ones began
Don’t you love, to be, objectified!

What slithers, thru that, splendid skin
If not, the pride, of a, sweet despair
A yearning, to dissolve, in sin
Unrequited love, of a heart, laid bare!

The better half, of the, human ‘stain’
A façade, that sells, in faith’s bazaar
The brazen myth, of a, truth profane
Sin’s sublime avatar, That Intrigue, You Are !!!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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