The War That Failed To ‘Change’ The World

A hundred years, of insolence
Is all, that it, bequeathed to us
Why men, still swear, by that abhorrence
Which redefined, faith and, fear’s nexus!

Why the, second one, after two decades
Was not, enough, just one blood-bath!
Why machismo, loves to, trade crusades
Then squelch, in the sin, of aftermath!

The blood-fest, never, ended there
‘Vietnam’, ‘Iraq’, ‘Syria’… ensued
America is, ‘Old Germany’s’ heir
Who sells fear, to the new, world’s feud!

Now the third one, looms, and knocks our door
Since the, history’s lessons, we squandered
Why we, made it, our end’s metaphor
The War, That Failed To, ‘Change’ The World!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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