Womankind’s Intellectual Impotence

Beyond her, ritualized existence
What is she, if not, a ‘bodily’ being!
Ever enslaved in, sexual pretense
An oxymoron, worth disagreeing!

The travesty of, woman’s instincts
‘Earned’ her, the ‘oldest profession’
She still, flaunts her, ‘physical’ precincts
With an, ‘intellectual’ obsession!

She is, no more, beyond that thought
That kowtows to, feminine prejudice
Even fanatics, are not, so devout
Who live, to death, their faith’s malice!

Her ignorance, is ‘bliss’, nay, ‘Shangri-La’
Invention of, her hackneyed, ‘commonsense’
Her enigma, alone, her being’s chutzpa –
Womankind’s Intellectual Impotence!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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