O’er Needles And Thorns

Who sewed snugly, on our hearts, this skin
With an, instinct that, our soul defies
And then, sowed in, the art to sin
A bitter truth, paid with, sweetest lies!

See the anxiety, of a, yearning mind
Estranged, to you, beyond a caress
Love had, to be, ever so colorblind
To be rhapsody, of a, sin’s finesse!

Lest you, be me, and I, be you
Does it matter, who dissolves, in whom!
O’er relics, of our, rendezvous
Strewn, no more sin, but bliss abloom!

The sweetest stings, thru fiery nights
Are the, faith of love, that sin adorns
Stitched as, one pain, in desire’s rites
We lay, unspent, O’er Needles And Thorns!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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