Man Needs Not Any ‘Manism’

vikas chandra

“Isms” are, testaments of, our times
We build, with newfound, travesties
O’er resurrected, paradigms
Of enigmas, called “societies”!

Hysteria found, its panacea
Feminism redeemed, that womankind
Who found, chutzpah, in burning bra
In the, ‘manly’ realm, who was colorblind!

Man is, the sin, of his, manhood’s creed
To womanhood’s ‘truth’, a blatant ‘lie’
Condemned to, a faith, heritage-decreed
Whose history, defies, his alibi!

Man is, his, lost utopia
A chimera, of his, own prism
His conquest, and his, own coup d’état
Man Needs Not, Any ‘Manism’!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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