Some Faiths Never Ever Evolve…

He did, by-heart, his destiny
Is not, beyond, sacred scriptures
His mother, recites, same litany
“No jobs, for us – faith’s conjectures!”

Many contenders! But a mullah lasts, until he dies
So this Hafiz, had to, be butcher
Who swore, at his, faith’s blatant lies
“When we, don’t change, does the, regime care!”

With each azan, he dreamt, of Saudi
Did Allah, cede to, his ‘qualified’ plea?
Now he’s, the pride of, Mecca’s abattoir
Oh! So celebrated, for halal slaughter!

His seven sons, now Hafizs too
Learn butchery, with a, firm resolve
With a, belief lost, in deja vu
Some Faiths, Never Ever Evolve…!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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