Page 3 Parasites

vikas chandra

Like every day, heart missed, a beat
Lest the, daily come, with the Holy Grail
Not politics, but for, sweet deceit
Which stripteases, ‘cin-e-city’s’ telltale!

Who slept, who made, who broke, with whom
Who is the, ‘boldest’, ever to bare
Dare call, this realm, ‘moral vacuum’!
Page 3 is, the shrine of, sin debonair!

That utopia, in a, voyeur’s eye
Reflects, in this, Colosseum
In folds, of news, we dignify
Battles, between shame, and elitism!

It’s no breakfast, but a, 3 course meal
To sate our, ‘social’ appetites
What enigma, does it reveal?
Are they, or we, Page 3 Parasites!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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