A Soldier’s Stone

His faith, became, his epitaph
Who fought, in vain, in war’s wasteland
And clasped, on to his, state’s flagstaff
As he breathed, his last, in chivalry’s quicksand!

Colonel ‘honored’ him, with a tomb, where he lay-
“He lived to fight, and fought to die”
A craftsman came, who had, this to say –
“Make it short, and sweet as, ‘My Last Goodbye’…

…Or as ‘lavish’, as an elegy
I charge, a pound, per letter, Sir”
“Here, take two dimes, engrave – ‘V‘ and ‘G
That’s all, I can spare, for a ‘spent’ martyr!”

Thus ended war, of Vincent Gore
A nameless, martyr, left all alone
Below two yards, machismo’s metaphor
War bare, to the bone, A Soldier’s Stone!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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