A Beggar Class Apart

vikas chandra

Never seen, such fanfare, of despair
Nor a, ‘Statesman’ selling, penury
It’s not, the economy, that’s threadbare
But an ethos, built on perjury!

How went, bankrupt, a faith-led state
Democracy is now, a farce, for them
Who made, prejudice, their nation’s fate
And terror, a state-sponsored, stratagem!

To recidivists, IMF never lends, so meet old friends
Sell your blood, to the Arab war
And sovereignty, to meet, Chinese ends
Make Pakistan, misery’s metaphor!

When a, soul sold-off, what’s left to sell
A nation sits, in its own, selling-cart
This suave skulduggery, has no parallel
Pakistan is, A Beggar Class Apart!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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