A Beggar Class Apart

Never seen, such fanfare, of despair
Nor a, ‘Statesman’ selling, penury
It’s not, the economy, that’s threadbare
But an ethos, built on perjury!

How went, bankrupt, a faith-led state
Democracy is now, a farce, for them
Who made, prejudice, their nation’s fate
And terror, a state-sponsored, stratagem!

To recidivists, IMF never lends, so meet old friends
Sell your blood, to the Arab war
And sovereignty, to meet, Chinese ends
Make Pakistan, misery’s metaphor!

When a, soul sold-off, what’s left to sell
A nation sits, in its own, selling-cart
This suave skulduggery, has no parallel
Pakistan is, A Beggar Class Apart!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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