When The Cherries Bled The Geisha’s Spree

In Kyoto’s spring, sakuras bloom
And strew, the streets, with the, truth of bliss
A geisha yawns, tells her, one-night ‘groom’ –
“Pay me, I’ll bid, my good-bye kiss…!”

“What blossoms, beyond your, kimono’s shame!
I’m yet, to see, those cherries’ pride
No skin, no sin, no pain… in love-game
Is blasphemy, my one-night bride!”

“I’m a, ‘Woman of Art’, not a harlot
In the, throes of dark, your joie de vivre
It’s solace, not sin, that you, had sought
Lust is, true love’s, coup d’état!”

The ‘punter’, trounced her, puny grace
And lay, bare souls, o’er faith’s debris
A love was lost, without a trace
When The, Cherries Bled, The Geisha’s Spree!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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