How Fragile Is This Faith Of Fear !!!

Enigma, of a, prophet’s pride
Lives on, in the shrines, of fog and sand
The souls, wherein, fear is deified
And faith, is farmed, in the God’s wasteland!

The faith, which taught, sin’s conjecture
To the man, who found, his joy in God
Stares, at a, bigot’s caricature
Who fights jihad, for a, passion flawed!

Skull-capped, bearded, fear’s fanatics
Lo and behold, their bleeding, souls!
For a woman, bared their, faith’s antics –
“Asia must pay, sin’s holy tolls…!”

Faith is, the pride, of a lunatic
Sedated, by a, myth austere
Lest it, be demolished, by a heretic
How Fragile, Is This, Faith Of Fear !!!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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