The Lonely Lanes To…Creativity

Soul is, the cost, of redemption!
It’s not, from world, nor destiny!
But from, that self, and its dimension
Which faith, sculpted so, ‘rationally’!

There is, no way, to that utopia
Thru the, debris of, our existence
At crossroads, lost our, spent chutzpa
Dictates our, drive to, ‘commonsense’!

When die-hard, be a, soul’s resolve
Then way, is just a, passing rite
When destiny, distance, both dissolve
All tethers break, for an, ‘astray’ kite!

It’s a pilgrimage, with no, sojourn
No promise, of perpetuity
And only solace – a dream’s tavern
In The Lonely, Lanes To…Creativity!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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