‘Pak’-istan – The ‘Pious’ Land Of Prejudice

Who chose, to be, the ‘holy ones’
A class apart, from ‘Indian infidels’
Now brandish faith, those Satan’s sons
Sell a, prophet’s sin, in fanatic cartels!

‘Pak’-istan is, that ‘hallowed’ land
Where life, lives in, faith’s façade
And mullahs, more the firebrand
Command, the creed, that avows jihad!

Your existence, is a blasphemy
If you, belong to, kaffirs’ clan
And ‘human rights’, is a calumny
For ‘Imran’, is the voice, of ‘Taliban’!

‘Asia’ is, ‘Pak’-istan’s enigma
A haunting sigh, of a soul amiss
A slap, in the face, of faith’s fatwa
In The Pious Land Of Prejudice!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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