Your Prayer Reached Me

Why spend, your heart, on a surrogate plea
For a, ‘thought’ lost, in the, throes of time
When I, ain’t a bead, of your rosary
Just a remembrance, of a, sin sublime!

But your, heart betrayed, your lips today
I find, each street, paved in, your psalm
When faces, smile at me, and say
“You ooze, today, love’s aplomb!”

The tomb, I was, till yesterday
Is now, the sanctum, of your soul
No more, love’s faith, a mere hearsay
But a conviction, that never grows ole…!

The storm, you thought, had waned away
Is a, zephyr now, of sublime spree
A million candles, light my way
With love’s rhapsody, since Your Prayer Reached Me!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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