The Brown Dame Found A White Lapdog

In India, in the 80s, began this fad
Of flaunting, exotic, Western canines
Chihuahua, Alsatian…; it could, be said
Brown Indians, finally found, their spines!

Now our, tinsel town, evolved to, new rage
Parading, new breed of, White husband –
“I want, mine too, to assuage
My wretched birth, with redemption, grand”!

She struts him, thru the tinsel street
Like an, embargoed, pashmina shawl
They lock, their tongues, to the media’s treat –
Found White Virtue, Brown Sin, after all!

The lenses, melt down, so much, they flare
Scandalous spectacle, of a, Brown monologue
Behold, Indian piety, for the ‘White’, lay bare
The Brown Dame, Found A, White Lapdog!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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