Yemen War – How Faith Betrays Our Blood And Bread

Two pyres rage on, scorching soul, of a land
From Sana’a to Aden, Yemen’s a, fest of pain
Two brothers, fight to death, for dominion, of blood and sand
Faith never was, so fearsome, never ever, so profane!

30 million bellies, know, just one creed
The one of bread, beyond jannat’s thought
Faith grows no grain; for it is, no seed
Of life, but fear, dare we, live without!

Fill your goblets with, each other’s gore
At least thirst, won’t take, your lives away
But who’ll, outlast, blood-fests galore
Of course, your faith, to mourn, and pray!

It’s the Brutus, of human, bellies and souls
War-cry for jihad, and its, hallowed bloodshed
Vain martyrs, know, who pay its tolls
How Faith Betrays, Our Blood, And Bread!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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