Dimensions Of Our Thought

Prejudice of past, is the, present’s lie
So a lie, seeds the, future’s conjecture
The dogmas, of our, realm defy
The thoughtful slaves, we indenture!

How faith, distorts and, shapes a mind
And histories, teach us, how to see
A psalm, is a sin, if not entwined
In the yarn, of a, rosary’s entreaty!

The sum, of our, immortal fears
Defines, our precincts, of belief
A thought, relies on, what appears
Intrigue of, life’s lasting, leitmotif!

This world, is no, Thinkers’ Paradise
Propagandas alone, here sold, and bought
Our ethos today, cut down, to size
By decreed, Dimensions Of Our Thought!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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