Khashoggi Is No One’s Defeat !!!

Obama’s quiet, and so is Clinton
Trump trumpets on…, deadbeat rhetoric
Daresay, MBS, is no, Satan’s son
Saint Erdogan, haggles o’er, a dead man’s relic!

For it, ain’t Yemen, KSA it is
With oil, worth a, million sins
They can, afford to, trade coffins
Who are, the Gods, of avarice!

Everybody wants, his pound, of meat
Half-martyr, now, a cause-célèbre
A dead man, is so, hard to beat
When the, world concedes, to his coup d’état!

For history, tends to, forgive them
Who buy, a stake, in her deceit
Oil shall buy, and sell, mayhem
Khashoggi Is, No One’s, Defeat!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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