The Evening Psalm Of Solace And Sin

The zephyr, who stole, the soul of sea
From the, throes of, twilight’s enigma
Sings of the, undying rhapsody –
In sun’s kingdom, night’s coup d’état!

The chapel’s toll, and a funeral prayer
How poised, is faith, in joy’s despair
Remembrance of, a long-lost dream
Is worth, a thought, left to redeem!

The soul, awakens, in the dark
For us, to seek, faith and fear within!
No truth, no myth, ever so stark
As the, lust for life, wearing thin…!

An ode erupts, from the, twilight’s soul
To a, day’s deceit’s, dead-beat din
Life pays, in pain, hope’s holy toll –
The Evening Psalm Of Solace And Sin

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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