His Love Bites On My Negroid Skin

When Master calls, I have to go
Leave hearth behind, for a, hopeless heart
Who ever-yearns, for, Michelangelo
To be muse, again to, a masochist’s art!

Just a few, weeks back, it was a rape
A ruthless bull, bewitched, my wild savanna
Now love, it is, in a servile shape –
White brute, devours a, Black piranha!

I can’t afford, that ‘sin’, that ‘guilt’
And a, thousand years, of resentment
While I treasure, to death, White semen spilt
In a Black womb; a racial sacrament!

They pain a lot, when I, suckle my child
With venom, of Black, soul’s chagrin
I smile away, Black lust, reconciled –
White sunshine, on my shady sin
His Love Bites, On My Negroid Skin!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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