The Menstrual Mayhem

Feminism, faith, and jurisprudence
And ‘eternal curse’ of, menorrhea!
Law sided, with ‘blasphemers’, hence
Believers became, faith’s panacea!

An ounce of blood, and an age of myth
And a God, who fears, for his celibacy
Machismo, enshrined in, faith’s megalith
Law can’t, see beyond, dogma of democracy!

Bestow, one more battle, to feminism’s flaw
Which flaunts, to death, its insolence
Each ethos, to its, dogged awe
Is man’s plot, against, woman’s existence!

That blood, now stains, divinity’s feet
Which inked, His trial, ‘ad hominem’
Too soon, to cherish yet, faith’s defeat
As feminism feasts, Menstrual Mayhem!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra


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