Why Dies My Yemen Everyday

How faith, divides a, land estranged
To the, lasting reign, of a sin austere
Neither ethos nor, their blood, has changed
Only equations, of two, brothers’ fear!

Is this chasm, between hearts, Islam’s enigma!
Which makes, Shias lust for, Sunnis’ gore
A thousand, years of, spent chutzpa
Echo folklore, of two, faiths’ furor!

So many stakes, in this, Arab jihad
Yet Yemen’s blood, is all, that spills
The hope, of bread, truer than, this façade
Who knows, better than, famished souls, faith’s ills!

A carcass cries, thru a, jihadi’s skin
“How fear, stands tall, on feet of clay!
Why life should lose, for the, faith to win!
Why Dies My Yemen Everyday!”

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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