Hawking’s God-Faith Conjectures

May he rest, in his, disdain’s ‘dust’!
For whom, no God, no Faith exists
No afterlife, no heaven august
Man is, no myth, so still persists!

Science is cynic, and so scientists
But did, we await, a realist’s verdict
To convict faith, for our, heart’s heists
And lose, our souls, to an intellect’s edict!

Wasn’t it, destined to, a stark conclusion?
That fear, we made faith, in Stone-Age
And a soul, to sense, our God’s delusion
We made it all, to dare, death’s outrage!

How blessed, is, his blasphemy
That redeemed, the ‘sins’, of freethinkers
Could there, be a, purer alchemy
Than Hawking’s God-Faith Conjectures!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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