As We Learn To Age

vikas chandra

A paradox, of a, prophesied syndrome
We brazen, it out, in a lost conquest
A bout, with fate, and that chromosome
Which bestowed, to life, death’s bequest!

What once, were us, now a, flagrant lie
As though, it was, never conjectured
The quest to live, and the, art to die
In our flesh, nerves, ethos…so indentured!

The magnificence, of senescence
Lies more in, the means, than in the end
How hallowed, is, puckered prudence
When that fear, of aging, we transcend!

These wrinkles, ain’t, time-stricken scars
Nor on, past’s face, present’s outrage
But the trophies, of our lost, won wars
We disparage, As We Learn To Age!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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