Do Demolish Some Man Today…

Lo and behold! Feminism’s Renaissance!
Bollywood’s all the more, ‘Den of Debauchery’
Who makes, whom pay, spent trysts’ penance!
“Oh! How done, are we, with phallic snobbery”!

Who laid, bait once, on resplendent skins
Are awakened, now, with forgotten ‘sins’
How handy it is, for a woman, to vouch
That she was raped, o’er a, casting couch!

Ain’t sexist too much, this #METOO tirade
Makes a, man regret, his each rendezvous
Not matters today, whom sin, who bade
But the, phallic bane, who did eschew!

Those laid back truths, and lies replayed
In the, fiesta of, #METOO melee
Are enough, to have, manhood waylaid
Do Demolish, Some Man Today…!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra


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