Blood Economics

Khashoggi’s dead, and so is, American ethos
Was it ever alive, since the, ‘Vietnam War’ days?
This democracy, prospers, on phony pathos
In the barter, of blood-booty, the pittance it pays!

Are all we, blind, deaf, dumb, to this epic, blood-deal!
When POTUS and MBS, fixed freedom’s price
To have a, herald butchered, in piecemeal
O’er sweet arms-deal, sold, bitter truth’s sacrifice!

America is, a scourge, sells impunity
And UN, no more than, deep-rooted disease
Lo and behold, this diplomatic dubiety
A syndicate, sways, world’s ‘lesser species’!

Freedom is, a slave, of democracy
Democracy, a minion, of politics
Baptize the, lust of, this hypocrisy
Trade’s new ethics – Blood Economics!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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