Black Jesus And White Prejudice

Amorphous faith, needs a, façade too
For us to feel, flesh and blood, in stone
God is, as good, as His face value
For we can’t, see Him, in a dead tombstone!

No God, evolved in, Africa’s soul
So the ‘uncouth clan’, had no, other choice
Left with White, or Arab God, to extol
They paid, with fear, faith’s pious price!

Amid molten, sermons and, spent azans
A Black ethos, grapples to, find true faith
The fear, of being, baptized ‘pagans’
Reduced a race, to a, faithful wraith!

Had Jesus been, one of, Black messiahs
Would Whites, bow to, Black faith’s premise
In faith’s bazaar, they are, both pariahs
Black Jesus And White Prejudice!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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