Beyond Those Daggers And The Veils

In the sacraments, of politics
Truths represent, those glaring lies
Which spill, thru smirks, of vain cynics
And polemics, in plaudits’ guise!

“I broke free, from that, man’s facade
Who is a statesman, of deceit!”
“Enough of, a woman’s rodomontade
Who calls a ‘triumph’, her defeat”!

Between these stately, plastic smiles
Are scandalous sparks, of malevolence
It’s the lawmaker, whose pride reviles
A subordinate’s, subdued insolence!

Not over yet, over photo-shoots
It’s the ring, of truth, that still prevails
Despite prejudice, in pride’s cahoots
Beyond Those Daggers And The Veils!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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