A Letter To A Dead Soldier

Since you never, cared to, drop a line
When death, became your, cherished dream
Your bloodshot vow, of valentine
Is all I have, to now redeem!

Why men, love war, evermore than love
Is the, gunpowder, sweeter than sin
Thru a mob, of dead, how do you shove
Yourself, to kill, until you win!

The misery, of your ‘martyrdom’
The starkness, of my widowhood
Can’t trounce, our nation’s anthem
Vain war’s truth, patriotic falsehood!

If you, won’t read, so do I care!
Yet one more, shred, of my soul’s, despair
Squandered, over a, vain martyr
A Letter To A Dead Soldier!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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