The Door Whose Key You Left With Me

A zephyr, bathed in, twilight’s sin
Who wanders, thru the, voids of time
May the, orgies of, despair begin
And the, yearning bleed, its pain sublime!

On the, cold floor crawl, your naked dreams
As shivers, riot thru, my spine
Caressing walls, with tongue-tied screams
I see, you blister, in moonshine!

Since I became, your lonesomeness
And you became, my paradox
Who solves whom, with pain’s finesse
In this equation, so unorthodox!

You are, my phoenix, burning bright
I am, your ash, redeeming thee
I bare you, thru the, prism of night
The Door Whose Key, You Left With Me!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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