A Farewell To Arms

They say, it lasts, an age or so
But so be it, Lord’s providence
A sin, is as good, as we sow
In hearts, that bled thru, many yens!

When love, becomes, an estrangement
And smile becomes, a lingering sigh
If ‘bye’ once meant, a rendezvous spent
Won’t death, then mean, this last ‘goodbye’!

Last embrace, ain’t a, saving grace
Of a waif, that won’t, live anymore
Shall time, not erase, the only face
We called, each other, when we swore!

Shall we, stop all clocks, and rear anew
O’er time’s debris, new memories’ farms!
Love lasts, beyond a, fond adieu…
Those parting psalms – A Farewell To Arms!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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