Facebook Sells Us Everyday

It’s free! Agreed! And So are we!
Willing pawns, to Digital Debauchery
New rites, of modern existence
Trade us, at our, faith’s expense!

Our mails, our likes, our clicks, our posts
We lay, ourselves bare, to the bone
Digital decoys, are sponsored ghosts
Who snoop, us to, our tombstone!

Our faiths, our fears, our views, our polls
Mere merchandises, here, bought and sold
We mimic, digital hyperboles
And martyr democracy, for a centerfold!

Silicon Valley, is indeed, new Mecca, of our destiny
Here dot coms play, our mindshares’ parlay
Whilst we buy, our parody, for free
Facebook Sells Us Everyday!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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