The Lands Lost To Fanatic Faiths

The history, of those, ‘heretics’
Half-knew who God, not the fear of sin
Entombed in, civilized world’s epics
Is now, a myth, lost dream akin!

The passion of, Christ’s crucifix
The lust for heaven, in the unreal realm
How clans, sold souls, to fanatics
What the fear, of faith, can’t overwhelm!

Whilst the mullahs, and the missionaries
Grappled to grab, their pound of flesh
Old shrines, were lost, to new seminaries
To unlearn ‘myths’, learn ‘lies’ afresh!

The swords, did bleed, to sow faith’s seed
In the hearts, and souls, of the faithless ‘wraiths’
An ethos lost, to a fear prophesied
In The Lands Lost, To Fanatic Faiths!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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