The Fertile Shades Of Misogyny

Of a, beautiful mind, whose ‘ugly’ muse
Is all what, drives him, to despair
Epics abound, of wizards’ virtues
Who made, a faith, of this hate-affair!

What Picasso drew, Einstein eschewed
The glory, of her, shamed substance
Is it flair, in men, so well endued
Or a, fear disguised, in insolence!

A lesson, learnt from, original sin
By a, stubborn man, on pain’s pursuit
Live a, self-will’s lie, than not give in
To eternal, chase of, forbidden fruit!

The vain martyr, of a maestro’s mind
Is all, but lost, in her, pride’s litany
“How a, sadist’s deception, be defined
As The Fertile Shades Of Misogyny!”

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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